The Crossroad

images-1The Crossroad

Every morning at 7:00 a.m. i’d go 

home, drink a beer on the front 

stoop and listen to 

the Soulful Strings or Charles

Earland while carving a one 

quart chunk of plaster of 

paris …..


My life was that cubed chunk of 

plaster and what I carved was boring and 

stupid … 


Something had to give … 

I was bending like a dry 

stick … I knew that 

sooner or later I would either break or 

stay bent 

forever … 


Then … 

one day, a bright spot 

appeared in the 

employment section, of the 

Ypsi. Journal,


employment in the 

civil service as a 

Psychometrist … !

(one who measures the 

intricacies of thought to 

look through portals into the minds of 

people to see what makes them 

tick … !)


How incredibly interesting it 

seemed … !! 

All I needed was to be a school bachelor and 

pass the civil 

test … !

….. continued 

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