….. To make matters 

worse, i lived in a shitty one 

room apartment attached to an old 

house over by 

Ypsilanti High 

School where 

I was cold all the 

time,  my couch 

reeked,  the bath tub gave 

me the 

creeps and 

I wouldn’t even think of 

walking around with bare 

feet …


my stereo was in a tiny 

closet behind my third hand 

couch … 

everything else i owned …

paper and hard back literature and psychology 

textbooks from my years at 

Eastern …  was 

crammed into five or six 


Canada Dry or Pepsi

crates artfully 

(looking anything but artful) arranged around a small 

black and white 

t.v. along one 

wall … 

continued …..