Indigo Deep


Darkest Light

Did you see the  

moon last night … ?

Full and

round and yellow and

white …

An unblinking eye

once mysterious …

An object of great fear and respect …

An omen of changing

proportion …

A portal of mysterious

content …

A Goddess among

many …

A living being with a face of astro

proportions … ?


Now, it’s a


similar to ours that protects us from

meteors, comets and the

like …


The World of Light

I am in the light of

day(!) … the air full and

bright! clean and clear,

crystalline, … not a

cloud in

sight …


 White crashers ride on

deep indigo

water … the sky


blue/black, brilliant and

beautiful …

pure, like the water it

reflects …


And … I am drunk with

the essence of

all there is to see and

feel  …

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