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When we were young

our world spoke to us and

we did mostly what it told us to do …


 … and life was good.


Of course we didn’t know the difference …


But that’s beside the

point …..

 we were alive and we moved about

living to the nth degree because

 we had no reason to plumb the

depths …


When we grew big,

the reality of our world

changed …

 don’t ask me why, it just did …


In any case we turned away from the light …

we began to look only at the

clock …


We blundered through the world after that …


 We kept asking for the light to return but

we couldn’t see the

Light that was always

there …


 So, we prayed for it ….

we even made a person out of it,

 so we could ask him to return the light to

us …


We pledged ourselves to the Light …  we built

great stories around the

Light …


But the truth within was never understood,

 so it didn’t make a



Then came the day when we

sold ourselves to the

future …


We lived each day for the tomorrow and the tomorrow

 and the tomorrow after that …

 until there were so many tomorrows

we forgot what day it was and

that’s when


consumed us …