Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots



there are so many

sweet spots on my new

glasses … !

i have to learn where they

are …


if i want to see into the

distance i have to tilt my

head back at a certain

angle  …


if i want to see things

midrange,  like

 … across the street …

it requires a different

pose …



there’s the slimmest space between

blurs up


blurs down ..

where l see words

clearly in a book,  or

on the

screen …


it’s all very pleasant …

it doesn’t bother me one

bit …

it’s just a matter of learning where to

look and how to

re-train your

eyes …


i don’t think i’ve ever seen the

world so

crisp and

clear … even though

i’ve been wearing

glasses for


years … !


maybe i didn’t realize i was seeing

clearly until i lost it and

got it back

again …. ?

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