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Esoteric! It’s

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Did Moses Commune With A Burning Bush?

 Did Moses get those ten rules from a burning bush … literally?   

If science says it isn’t possible it seems so cold and impersonal, doesn’t it?

Is poetry cold and impersonal?  


In between the stupidity of superstition (which isn’t always 

so stupid) and the cold facts of science (which aren’t always so 

cold), lies what?  

Art!  The artist!

 Artists have always been the high priests and priestesses of advanced humanity, haven’t they?  

Think about the first real knowledge … the first

historical records, we discovered from earliest


Where did it come from?  


Those cave paintings!  


 Think about the volumes of information those paintings tell us about 

art AND science.  


Art … In any medium

is what science and superstition both have in common.  They

overlay each other in their impetus!

They bring Light into the world !


An artist i know said,

“I’ve noticed that when my work reaches inside the viewer, they 

stare at it for long periods of time.  I get the feeling they come away thinking

thoughts new and unusual, exposing a

different world

that glows with subtle shadings exposing 

thoughts they knew but

didn’t know they knew …. .”


Art is  the ultimate expression of both religion AND science,    

the mother and father of mysticism and

the driving force

behind the need to

explore the stars! 

 We live our lives as singular beings, each of us inhabiting

our individual lives on

islands surrounded by 

oceans of


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