Thrown out shit, ridiculous, almost worthless works combined into one stupid, bullshit and not a LITTLE fricking  brilliant (at times) collection of; poems, incomplete thoughts and ideas .. very brief stories all told in the most esoteric way.

It’s Esoteric !


Holding Onto A Rope Hooked to the Back of A Car While

Standing Inside A Pair of Skis Just Prior to

Rolling Down the Surface of

A Gravel Road 

Falling from a pair of skis while being towed behind the

car after announcing one lazy Sunday morning, “I 

can ski behind a car!’’

 If he had known she harbored secret resentments from 

long ago resulting in the car being driven dangerously fast over 

patches of gravel where the 

ice had been worn away,  the gravel grinding 

his skis down like sandpaper which of course 

separated him from the skis and the rope but, 

did not impede his 

body from rolling down the road like a  

rolling pin further and further away from the 

back of the car (and the rope) … he might not have been quite so 

cavalier in the first place.  


(Here’s another one … )

I was so tired i had to open my eyes to see what i was doing. 


(It’s so esoteric!  It’s Esoterica!)

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Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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