Within the Lakes and Fields of Life


And her?  It’s hard to say what she liked to do with her time.  She put no demands on us.  But I have to give her credit.  She made me kneel down with her to teach me the correct way to wash a floor.  You can’t wash a floor standing up!  And just because we were boys we weren’t exempt from washing the dishes.

She was a stickler for certain details like, stray strands of corn silk left over when you shucked corn for dinner, which we always did in the lot next door on the east side of the house.  (He had taken a liking to lamb so,  he put a fence around the lot and soon four sheep took up residence there.  We climbed the fence and wrapped our hands around fistfuls of wool and rode them bareback.  After that, they skittered away along the fence line when we even came close to them.  The four of them escaped one day.  It’s a tragic tale but, that’s another story.)

The basic difference between the two of them had to do with time. He liked to fill his with  meaning while she liked to create empty space without meaning.  She needed her nap every afternoon.  Maybe teaching us how to wash floors and dishes was her way of creating  the very spaces that he liked to fill.  But she never asked us to do those jobs to give her the empty time she craved.

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Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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