Behind the Green Door – One (of Three)


While waiting for my stylist to finish the customer ahead of me, my attention was drawn away from People Magazine because I had to pee.

I rose and walked toward three doors where I thought the bathroom was probably located.  Just to make sure I asked which of the three doors was the bathroom.

The lady in the chair and the one with the scissors (who I will call Scissors Lady and Chair Lady) both pointed straight ahead.  It was unclear which door they pointed to so, I opened the door facing me where I was surprised to see the air conditioning air exchange unit crammed between two narrow walls.

A PVC pipe at the front of the apparatus evoked the memory of a similar PVC pipe on my AC unit at home; the one that needs to be shocked with chlorine occasionally to kill algae that can build up and stop condensed waste water from flowing outside, away from the condenser unit, where it’s supposed to go.

Since my attention was focused on that pipe i said, loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear, “Am I supposed to pee into that little pipe?” I heard some chatter to my left … the familiar sound of the G Note ratcheting up.

Scissors and Chair lady both chimed in,  “Nooo … .  It’s in that other door.”  It looked like they were curving their fingers to the left.

“Ohhh …. sorry,” I said as I turned left.

 Next: The Door to the Left

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