The Tide of Life

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A man ate sugar from an envelope/The brown haired lady who hates me glared … (Her head thrown back, her haughty Eyes/Staring down at me) while/Honey cakes, Greek Gods and the/Blue Aegean Sea beckoned from/Behind curved Glass.

Across from me a/Smart phone got smarter stealing/Knowledge from the/Tips of a girl’s fingers/Dishes clanked, waitresses charmed/Greek walls framed the Scotch plaid carpet, the/Chinese cook, behind the wall threw/Anger into my mind.

A bell rang, the/Spell was gone …

She averted her gaze, took their/Passports, set them free to roam along their/Paths, bellies full of Fuel.

It all happened on the seventh day of my voyage/A repeat of the tide of Life, each day/Another time …

so little to/Remember.