You Have No Idea What It’s Like To Be Me – 250

images copy 54I had a date for lunch.  I wore dockers, a new shirt, sweater and nice boots.

Driving to the restaurant,  I heard engine noises.

I parked at Wal Mart to check the oil.  I unscrewed the radiator cap but it fell into the engine compartment.  I searched the engine for thirty minutes until black grease covered my hands and sweater but … no cap.

I bought a flashlight at Wal Mart.  For another thirty minutes I searched, sometimes on my back, but … no cap.

I went to the Wal Mart automotive department.  A clerk said they had no caps.  “Go to the parts place next door.’’

I walked there in snow and freezing temperatures.

“Do you have radiator caps?”


“Yeah right, I always put cats in my radiator!’’  Laughter.

‘’Having a bad day?”

‘’You don’t know.’’

I paid $3.75 for the cap and walked to my car.  It fit!

But my lunch date was a failure.  And my clothes were a mess.

Later, I called my ex-date, scrubbed my sweater,  showered and don’d old clothes.

After a cheese sandwich with milk, I napped but, restless legs woke me.

I thought about the day.  People always tell me, “You’re so lucky.  You have so many experiences to write about!”

Spare me the ridiculous! I’ve got plenty to write about!

But, why complain? My car has a new radiator cap and I have another grand experience to write about!

Wull o.k but … you have no idea what it’s like to be me.

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  1. jpatterson66

    This seems too short


    1. midcenturyman

      thank you for responding jpatterson66. Perhaps you are comparing this piece to an original version i had written with much more detail. i spent hours weaning this version down so that the story is told with as few words as possible. for comparison purposes, perhaps i should post the original version as well.


    2. midcenturyman

      i cut it down be 250 words in case i enter it to a ‘flash fiction’ contest or online flash fiction ‘magazine’. L ks


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