Central Time, Bible Bread, Crows, Midday Sun, Retching Orzo, Laughter and More …..

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I worked from six thirty eastern time (Tennessee is in the Central Time Zone) until around eleven o’clock.  Then I showered and rested until around noon.

After resting I drank a cup of coffee and talked to Hugh about computers.  Elli came into the kitchen to make sandwiches.  Hugh asked if I liked avocados.  I said yes but wasn’t prepared for the fabulous sandwich she made: swiss cheese with sliced avocado, mayo and mustard on that thick dark bread made from a recipe they found in the Bible.  Unique … like nothing I’d eaten before.  Strong muenster cheese made in Israel.  Very tasty.  Then I went back to work.

DSC_1042I finished the back of the house, took another shower and laid down for a half hour or so.  Then, I grabbed my camera and walked a quarter of a mile or so along the curving country road in front of their house taking pictures of the incredibly beautiful rolling countryside, surrounding Thompson Station Tennessee, thick with trees and pasture land.  The air, clear and clean and calm felt cool against the overworked skin on my face and neck and arms.  You could see a speck of pollen pass before your eyes if you stopped and waited long enough.

The rolling land and trees seemed to glow much like pictures of Tuscany that I have seen where sunlight has a magical quality … and so it was there …..

On the way back I approached an area where a noisy group of crows were having an argument in the thick vegetation near the side of the road left of where I walked.  They were fun to listen to … like listening to a bunch of guys argue about which NFL team would win the Super Bowl but, you could’t understand a word they said.  I couldn’t understand what the crows were arguing about either but I understood their sentiments.

DSC_1059I didn’t want to interfere with their angry exchanges.  I thought that if I surprised them, they might attack me.  Seriously!  So, I  crossed to the other side of the road.  After a few steps I think they sensed my presence and stopped “hollering” at each other.   Maybe they suddenly realized that, because of their incessant squawking they may have allowed a human to get too close to them.

After they quieted down I made caw, cawing sounds and laughed at them, as if to make fun of their squabbling and fighting.  A few steps later I hurled a couple of epithets at them for being so rude and stupid then laughed at them again.  Stupid crows!  Seconds later I watched them fly over the tops of the trees cawing as they flew away.

Shortly after that,  I walked through the front door just in time for dinner; tender strips of chicken thighs pounded into cutlets and  a vegetable salad made with small nuts the consistency of ‘orzo’.

At one point, when I took a breath to talk, I sucked one of the little nuts back into the sinus region of my head. I knew I was going to start retching so I threw my hands over my face and ….. retched!  (and retched and retched) I heard Elli and her mom … Lisa … laughing hysterically.  I peeked through my hands and saw Elli with her head back laughing.  Finally,  I coughed so hard I had to leave the table.

When I came back from the bathroom I told everyone that the nut I coughed up was as big as the  kidney stone  I had passed a couple of months ago.  The four of them were still laughing pretty hard.  I don’t know why.

After the dishes were cleared and stored away, we talked about music.  Elli left the table and, played the music of whatever artists we talked about … the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, music from the musical Annie.  (no Zeppelin, Cream or drum and bass)

Elli danced and everyone was entertained but she wouldn’t let me watch her.  I think she thought that because I had been funny,  I might make fun of her even though at one point I got up and showed her how to do The Jerk and The Pony.

After that, we sat around eating platters of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Lisa kept saying .. I love sugar, I love sugar …  L

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