Rolling In the Rolling Hills of Tennessee

DSC_0942 A worse day than the day before because it was the most  critical day.  If I didn’t hit goals today i’d never finish the work I wanted to accomplish tomorrow.

I got very hung up in heights today … a lot of adjustments to a heavy motherfucking ladder that opens and closes to fit different purposes which I’m in favor of except the thing is so goddamned heavy.  But I guess I should be happy that Hazoose  brought the thing over.  I can’t decide whether it was the worst favor a person could have done for me or … whether it gave me a chance to do the whole house which indeed,  would have been a prodigious amount of work to have accomplished.

DSC_1019Wull but,  just think about it; one person repeatedly scaling the heights, about 20 feet up, to paint the gable end of the house, fixing a custom front entry that was so out of square I had to use about fifteen tubes of caulking and many coats of white paint, to make it look gorgeous.  There still isn’t a ninety degree angle in the whole thing but you’d hardly know it.

To add insult to injury, even more work was accomplished at the end of that second long day.

I had finally called it a day when I couldn’t work any more.  That’s when my friend came out and hosed me off.  It was the only way to cool down after working all day in the hot Tennessee sun.  My friend by the way, her name is Ellie.  She’s ten years old.

images-3 copy 4After she hosed me off and we created quite a bit of mayhem, I got fixated on the front porch steps which, are going to be replaced if all goes well …  so I removed them with a hammer and wrecking bar before dinner while the couple across the street and Hugh and Lisa and Jodi all kibitzed while i worked and everyone was watching me while they talked and having a good ole time.  I’ll admit they’re nice people … great neighbors.  there are a whole lot of stories i could tell you about that family.  But the tangent’s not worth it.

A walk with my camera in the beautiful countryside at the end of the day, were all I needed to feel good again.

After dinner I read out loud, all three parts of The Cathy and Derek Chronicles which was a pretty big hit then, I read The Crossroad Heading South but I couldn’t finish reading it because I couldn’t stop crying when I got to the part about Olympia dying.  Actually I barely made it through the whole piece but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make it past Olympia’s death.

After that there was a formal gathering of people outside where we all sat staring at the front door.

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