When We Were Young


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When we were young

Our world spoke to us and

We did mostly what it told us to do

And life was good.


Of course we didn’t know the difference.

But that’s beside the point.

We were alive and we moved about

Living to the nth degree because

We had no reason to plumb the depths.


When we grew big,

The reality of our world changed.

Don’t ask me how, it just did.


Some people think that

Time played a spoiler role but I

wouldn’t know anything about that. .

But who’s to say?


In any case we turned away from the light.

We began to look only at the clock.


We blundered through the world after that.

We kept asking for the light to return.

But we couldn’t see it.

So, we prayed for it.

We even made a person out of it,

So we could ask him to give it back.


We pledged ourselves and we built great stories around it,

But the truth within was never understood,

So it didn’t make a difference.


Then came the day we sold ourselves to the future.

We lived each day for the tomorrow and the tomorrow

And the tomorrow after that

Until there were so many tomorrows between us

We forgot what day it was and that’s when

Time consumed us.

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