I Always Made Strides

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 I made strides …

I always made strides.

Three strides forward, two back … sometimes


Life was a bitch but

I didn’t always care.

“Everybody’s like me aren’t they?”

I started to learn and my mind became

Stronger than fear and depression …

I learned how to escape the

Darkness that chose me …

I pushed it into the darkness I chose …

I did some work one day … I created outward beauty from

Somewhere within …

They said I looked like I was in a trance of joy

They gave me their obligatory praise but,

I had no use for compliments.

Honor, glory and a round of applause were


I had the privilege to do what I loved.

I loved my art … my sculpture .. my dance.

But, the work I loved destroyed my body.

My goals were always beyond reach.

The happiness I sought came and went  … then,

Came and went

Again and again.

Like a

Welcomed guest who brings cake then

Leaves before it’s eaten  …


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