Another Example of Radar

– Another Example of Radar –

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I watched a woman walk toward the coffee shop where I sat behind one way glass.

I thought I was protected from visual insult so I let my eyes wander to her breasts.

Despite the one way membrane separating us she must have sensed my lewd impropriety.

She moved her blouse to conceal her cleavage seemingly irritated by some invisible force that had invaded her space.

I often ponder the innate gift that women seem to have for reading the thoughts of men.

6 thoughts on “Another Example of Radar

    • elburtruk says:

      it’s amazing isn’t it? you’ll be driving down the road or street and see a woman/girl’s butt. it looks nice. you focus on it for half a second when suddenly the head turns to let you know. to let you know she knows. i think it’s a genetic thing that has evolved over time with women. call it the 6th sense if you want. it’s a protective instinct. a sense of vigilance to pay attention to. women’s survival instinct. men have perhaps the opposite instinct; to meet the aggressor. one brings war and rape. the other avoids it. one gives life .. the other takes it. thanks for reading me … ks


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