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One Day at Risk Management

One day, I climbed the stairs at the County Administration Building looking for the Risk Management Department.

A lady in the Break Room told me it was located in the building next door but, it would be closed until 2:00.  It was only 12:20 so I rode the elevator down to the first floor and waited.

I sat on a wooden bench and leaned back.  Brick walls surrounded me.  Bright sunlight flared outside.  Three sets of double doors opened mechanically, one or two at a time, as people came and went.

A senior citizen sat next to me staring straight ahead.  It looked like he was staring into inner space.

I looked over at a long line outside the Driver License Bureau.  I wondered why the line was so long.  Two slender girls wearing slim fitting pants walked past me.  Two or three feet to the right of me a man with the sleeves ripped off his denim shirt stared at a bulletin board.  I heard somebody mention George Bush’s name.  I looked over at the line outside the Driver License Bureau. Only five people stood in line.  I wondered why the line got so short.

I looked over at the Information Desk, to my left.  A guy joked with three men and a woman.   The men laughed.  The woman looked perplexed.

A man and woman walked toward the mechanical doors.  The man complained that something cost him $500.

Two elderly black women walked past me. The women spoke in pidgen tongue. I wondered if they were from Jamaica or Haiti.  I decided they were from Jamaica since their words didn’t sound like massacred French.

I watched an old friend, who was never that friendly, walk toward the elevators deep in thought with a look of fear on his face then vanish,  behind two elevator doors.

I saw plenty of young girls walk past with showing their cleavage.  I thought, that’s the way they like to dress these days. I wondered if their grandmothers were ashamed because they displayed their cleavage.  Then I wondered if the girl’s great grandmothers felt shame for the way their grandmothers dressed.

I thought the girls looked slutty.  I didn’t want to look at their breasts.  They were so young!  I thought this was funny because when I was young I loved to look at slutty girls.

Two middle aged women walked past.  One of the women said to her friend, “They call me the Fairy God Mother.”  I thought this was funny because she was older but, her cleavage was on display too.