Wheat Field Dreaming

– Wheat Field Dreaming –

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Two are dreaming, wheat field walking, swaying green wheat rising touching, touching fertile regions touching, rising, touching.

Wheat is softened, soft bed bedding, two lying, lying bedded.

Arms wrapping, legs wrapping, slender wrapping faces wrapping, blue and blue ..

Wind blowing hearing wind, hearing green wheat rasping, hissing, wind blowing wheat greening.  Pleasant comfort wind.

Sleep.  Dreaming.  Two minds dreaming two minds dreaming dream within dream.

Hands forming two minds smaller smaller; thought caressing hands are forming, trapping softer thinking, pulling deeper, deeper darkening minds are falling.

Forming hands keep pulling deeper, nothing deeper, nothing darker, dreaming minds collapsing, dreaming  “Earth dream”; two minds in one earth dream dreaming soft and gentle “earth dream” softly, softly dreaming … dreaming

Wheat root growing, growing root stalk.  Two are growing in one wheat stalk  gently swaying in the wind ..

Blue sky gusting wind blowing winding, winding, two minds living, living within one wheat stem;  two minds living, gently swaying,  gently swaying in the wind ……  .

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Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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