Space Devoid of Time: Part III – Life Seen Through the Eyes of A Boy: The Crabs Who Lived In the Black Marshy Earth

Part III

– The Crabs Who Lived in the Black Marshy Earth –


There was a field where land crabs lived in the black marshy earth next to a path that lead to the creek where I played.

The crabs lived in deep holes dug in the marshy ground and built mud towers of black earth.

I longed to capture the crabs before they scurried into their black earth homes.  When I did,  I put them in a bucket to look at, to watch and study with wonder and awe; to touch and show my parents who looked at the crabs and felt joy watching my mind captivated by life.  The same joy they felt watching life; a momentary retreat to the golden age of their youth.

Unbeknownst, I was glimpsing the precious mystery of life, the essential knowledge, the most valuable commodity that I would take into the world and use.

The crabs in their dark, wet soil homes always knew when I tried to capture them; just as we know the looming black storm on the horizon intends to capture us.

We retreat into our mud holes above ground; the caves we construct to escape our fear.

We have much in common with the crabs who lived in the black marshy earth next to the path that lead to the creek where I played. You can’t blame the crabs for scurrying into their homes.  Their fear of being removed from the world is the same as ours.

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