A Four Part Series: Space Devoid of Time, Life Seen Through the Eyes of A Boy: Part I

Part I

– Space in Linear Time –

I can’t remember what happened yesterday.  But I can tell you every detail about growing up.

I live in the timeless past where, merged with sunlight,  connected to flowing creek water, golden wheat fields, imaginary pirate ships in the trees and  laughter … I move through space devoid of time.

business-suits-menNext to the timeless past,  my “real life” is a parallel universe;  a linear river of time, boxed reality separated from timelessness by an impermeable membrane, impossible to break through except during night sleep when its rays bleed into dreams through wispy smoke and the light of two suns ….

Part II

– Space Devoid of Time –

images copy 16

Through the timeless eyes of a boy, I see sand rise up from flowing creek water, drift downstream and fall like snow upon the backs of crawdads nesting in shadows along the creek bank.

I see moving water drop fertilized eggs into tiny caves and crevices sculpted in sand beneath rocks and logs where they grow large, burst from enclosure and seek refuge in shadows along the creek bank where sand like drifting snow falls upon their backs.

sunset_wheat_field_by_mrflattv-d6bmvsbI see a golden field where children chase and tag each other on hands and knees through mazes of flattened wheat; their laughing voices mirror the trickling sounds of black birds gleaning fallen seeds while stalks of wheat push  high into air and light combined,  giving birth to countless seedling children born from the sun.

Next to the field of wheat I stand suspended in time with others, high upon the arms of outstretched tree limbs, the imagined masts of a great sailing ship, rocking side to side from gusts of wind, our shouted commands and joyful sounds wrapped around shared visions; air and light combined create waves of movement — the golden field of wheat, our roiling sea.

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